Board of Directors

As a multi-stakeholder private fund, the CBF Board is comprised of founding partners and representatives of the national funds.

Jens Mackensen
  1. Jens Mackensen
  2. Chair
  3. Representative of KfW
  4. Director of KfW Competence Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources
Eleanor Phillips
  1. Eleanor Phillips
  2. Vice Chair and Treasurer
  3. Representative of The Nature Conservancy
  4. Director of External Affairs for the Caribbean 
Garry Gore
  1. Garry Gore
  2. Director
  3. Chairman of the Marine Ecosystem Protected Areas Trust Fund (MEPA Trust)
Sixto Inchaustegui
  1. Sixto Inchaustegui
  2. Director
  3. Board Member of the Fondo Nacional para el Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (Fondo MARENA)
Michael John
  1. Michael John
  2. Director
  3. Chairman of the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Conservation Fund (SVGCF)
Lisa Grant
  1. Lisa Grant
  2. Director
  3. Director and Vice-Chair for the National Conservation Trust Fund of Jamaica (NCTFJ)
George Mason
  1. George Mason
  2. Director
  3. Director on the Grenada Sustainable Development Trust Fund (GSDTF)
Karolin Troubetzkoy
  1. Karolin Troubetzkoy
  2. Director
  3. Chair on Saint Lucian National Conservation Fund (SLUNCF)


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