CBF is seeking a Communications Specialist


The CBF is inviting qualified individuals (“Consultants”) to apply for the “CBF Communications Specialist” consultancy. The objective of this consultancy is to assist the CBF in developing and implementing its Communication, Outreach, and Marketing Strategy.

Specifically, the Strategy and its implementation has been identified as a key instrument for ensuring CBF’s and the overall Caribbean Sustainable Finance Architecture’s visibility at the national, regional and international levels, and as a key tool to support fundraising efforts, raising awareness, and consolidating the overall Architecture. In addition, this Strategy is a crucial element for the engagement of CBF with different types of stakeholders including, but not limited to, government, regional organization, donors, partners, civil society and the private sector.

Please read carefully the tender documents and submit your proposal as stipulated in the General and Specific Conditions of Tender. Failure to submit your application as required will result in an automatic disqualification. Check all detail in the Terms of Reference that can be downloaded here. A copy of the Model Contract can also be found here, for your information.

Questions and Answers

As per the tender documents for the CBF Communications Specialist Consultancy, bidders could send questions until March 7th, 2021. See below for answers to all questions received.

  1. Is a submission only possible via postal mail? Is it possible to submit via email?

    Response: Submissions are only acceptable via post, in accordance with the regulations under German government procurement regulations.
  2. Where would be the Consultant preferably based?

    Response: It is preferred if applicants are based in the insular Caribbean or in the US Eastern coast
  3. Is the tender open for international applicants, or regional or national applicants only?

    Response: Yes, it is open to all applicants, however, preference is given to applicants based in the insular Caribbean or in the US Eastern coast.
  4. A proposal involving two consultants would be acceptable to the CBF?

    Response: Yes, this would be acceptable. However please indicate the lead consultant and include all relevant CVs. Note, the lead consultant’s CV would be mainly evaluated.
  5. In that case,  the evaluation criteria of the will be applied to both CVs and the total divided by two?

    Response: In the case of two or more applicants, the lead consultant’s CV would be evaluated, hence there is the need for the delineation of the lead consultant when submitting applications.

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